Live Coloring

An innovative product that will motivate children to draw and exercise their imagination. After the pages are thoroughly colored, children will be able to play with their favorite characters on their gadget. They will see three-dimensional interactive models colored in the exact same way as they were colored on paper.Arnimate coloring book will motivate the children to develop their imagination, to stimulate creativity and instill thirst in them for learning new things. In order for the child not to lose interest in coloring, there is a requirement: the scene in the drawing will not come to life until the child completely colors the entire drawing. This way the child will have to make an effort.

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Main Feautures

  • - Characters and objects will respond to touch
  • - 12 high-quality interactive scenes
  • - Full game with the colored character
  • - Different educational mini-games
  • - View of the scenes from different angles
  • - Take photos with your favorite characters
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